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The 411


• I love ice-cream, animals animals animals animals, fresh linen, Daphne and Doris (and Leon I guess).

• I can sing along to a whole album before realising that I don’t actually know ANY of the words to ANY of the songs and come wedding day you better invite me onto the dance floor because cutting shapes is my purpose for being on this planet (well, second to styling).

• I like to imagine what my dogs (and your pets) voices would sound like if they could speak english.

• I am a big dork who wishes she was just a little bit (okay a lot) gangster at the best of times.



• I like hugs – I am that over friendly, slightly creepy EASILY excitable kid that wants to make friends with you from the get go.

• Sometimes when I am whipping up wedding layouts I imagine that all the ideas are tumbling out of my ears and falling onto the floor pooling around me.

• I have the most insane amazing peripheral vision .. yes. I saw that.

• Making this website (I know, finally) makes me feel like more of a grown up.